Wednesday, April 7


Whiteboards are a wonderful, magical thing... After a couple of days of banging my head against the proverbial wall, I realised that I am the sort of designer who craves boundaries of sorts. But since my concept allows me to design almost anything - pieces inspired by barbed wire to optical illusions to manure - I took to the white board! After going through all my initial research over and over, I jotted down my favourite reoccurring and harmonious themes - and now I'm excited about designing again, huzzah!

I perused through my original images, and have selected a few to keep the mood going:

Shot by Benny Horne for "RUSSH Magazine"

Shot by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello for "Numero Magazine"

Alberto Seveso's Liquid Art

Shot by Mario Sorrenti for "V Magazine"

Bottega Veneta backstage (from Love Magazine's blog)

Simon Lekias photography

Lina Scheynius photography

And if you're looking for beautiful/modern lullabies, you can't get any better than Angus and Julia Stone.

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