Saturday, April 24

Carlee Fernandez - Bear Studies

"For the 2004 Bear Studies, the artist became a player in her creative petting zoo. For two-and-a-half months, Fernandez practiced moving with a bearskin on her back and a bear head over her own. Although the experience neared performance art, the artist maintains that Fredrik Nilsen's photographs of her during the experiment are the culmination of the project. The images are startling and modern, while also recalling traditional mythologies and folktales. The subject alone of Fernandez's medium is provocative, and her work gains even more symbolic heft when she adds her own naked body" - Artkrush

Ultimately I'd like to reflect the "beautiful absurdity" of Fernandez's taxidermy within my own "Teddy Girl" coat, and explore garment proportions the photographs inspire.

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