Thursday, December 3

Graduation fever!

Make way for another batch of QUT grad students...

Robyn’s collection is a fav - check the strong geometric blocks mixed with cyber-geisha silhouettes, co-ordinated with carefully chosen colours (selected using the Fibonacci Sequence... oooOOOooo fancy!)

Check out more graduating students @ frock paper scissors (QUT's Online Fashion Graduate Magazine)

Thursday, November 5


Marc Jacobs A/W 2009 campaign shot by Juergen Teller

How do you contemplate a mandarine?

Does the strong citrus SCENT awaken your memory? Or is it the natural juice you TASTE when you take the first bite? Do you SEE a spherical orange shape in your mind’s eye? Do you remember the gentle SOUND of peeling skin from flesh, piece from piece? Or is it the porous skin, moist and leathery to TOUCH? do you contemplate a mandarine?

Friday, October 30

India Art Summit - Delhi, India

Was lucky to chance upon the India Art Summit in Delhi (thanks for the tip Harper’s Bazaar India!) The Summit showcased the very best of Indian art from a multitude of galleries joining through the beauty of collaboration.

I snapped a few snaps in the hope that I'd stumble upon a fantastic concept... and while I'm still not sure, at least now I have some amazing works to share with you

Sunil Gawde

Thukral & Tagra

Dominus Aeris - mirage 11


Tanujaa Rane

Red Of My Being


Laxma Gaud

Raghava K K

We paused the art-gazing momentarily to have a bit of a play in the public interactive section...

...where they asked gallery-goers to describe their dream museum.

They were some truly lovely responses

Thursday, October 29

“A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimension...”

When I was six years old I kept my innermost thoughts scribbled in my “Beauty and the Beast” diary (complete with lock and key). My deepest, darkest secrets weren’t terribly scandalous; boys I thought were less repulsive than others, mean things schoolyard bullies had said, a rough budget for a Sega Megadrive…

The time has come to – once again – get writing, but for this occasion novelty Disney paper just ain’t gonna cut it!

I’d like to welcome you to my blog. Here I’ll report the goings-on of a fashion student while she (warning: awful pun) fabricates her very first collection. I truly hope you enjoy reading about the inspirations, affairs and ponderings that happen along the way…

CURRENTLY: Sitting on my rooftop in Delhi, reading the Final Year Project brief... with the see-sawing feelings of excitement and FREAKOUT