Friday, October 30

India Art Summit - Delhi, India

Was lucky to chance upon the India Art Summit in Delhi (thanks for the tip Harper’s Bazaar India!) The Summit showcased the very best of Indian art from a multitude of galleries joining through the beauty of collaboration.

I snapped a few snaps in the hope that I'd stumble upon a fantastic concept... and while I'm still not sure, at least now I have some amazing works to share with you

Sunil Gawde

Thukral & Tagra

Dominus Aeris - mirage 11


Tanujaa Rane

Red Of My Being


Laxma Gaud

Raghava K K

We paused the art-gazing momentarily to have a bit of a play in the public interactive section...

...where they asked gallery-goers to describe their dream museum.

They were some truly lovely responses

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